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What We Do

Change Control

The inevitability of change within any project, must always be a consideration as it progresses. Any change irrespective of size/impact must be managed appropriately. APC will assist the project management team in the establishment and roll out of the change process, assess its implication on time, cost and scope, and advise on any proposed change agreed with senior management and stakeholders, and its overall implications on the Project Life Cycle stages.

  • Change management processes andprocedures
  • Assessment and improvement of currentprocedures
  • Implement APM change control process
  • Change identification and prioritisation
  • Management and control of changeprocess
  • Workshops to evaluate changes andrecommendations
  • Assess impact to project plans / risk etc.
  • Identification of actions to manage impact of change

Benefits include:

  • Always in control of current known scope
  • Links directly to configuration management
  • Helps to control time, cost and resource