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Veolia Case Study


Veolia Water Central (VWC) were entering into Year 2 of AMP5 Capital Investment Programme. There was a distinct lack of clarity around Programme Management, and as such APC were asked to come in to assess current practice, recommend a solution, and then implement it where applicable. In doing this we :-

Success Factors

The four main areas investigated as part of the assessment were as follows:

  1. Understanding of the Client Expectations
  2. Clear understanding of Core Team competencies
  3. Integrated Vision / Team Mission with achievable targets
  4. A model that could be used for future AMP periods

In everything that we done with VWC, we were aligned with the Association of Project Management (APM) processes and procedures.

Lessons Learned

We very quickly understood that if we did not engage with all Key Stakeholders, gaining a clear picture of what their wants and needs were, then we would fail.

Putting in place a clearly understood Requirements Process in terms of developing, implementing and updating a defined Programme to deliver against, was imperative.

Having a Succession and Development plan for the people involved in the Client organisation was critical, otherwise they would always have a dependency on Consultant type organisations. This would increase their organisational capability and maximise their efficiencies.


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